I work in industry as a senior UX designer and in academia as a computer science researcher and tutor.

As a UX designer, over the past 10 years, I worked in different industries such as oil, gas, medical, insurance, and banking and I participated in designing over 20 enterprise scale projects that was used by thousands of users. I cooperated with different teams in Requirement engineering, Defining users’ persona, users’ scenarios, Proposing software solutions, Architecting information, Writing design specifications, Designing wireframing, prototyping and conducting usability tests, and and Proposing gamification solutions to enhance users engagement with the software.

As a researcher, I work in the area of Human computer interaction (HCI) in University of New South Wales. My PhD focuses on applying gamification techniques to increase the efficiency of e-learning platforms through increasing learners’ intrinsic motivation and decreasing their cognitive load. Also, I conducted a group of studies on designing user interfaces to facilitate working with software applications for users with limited computer literacy such as children and elders. For example, I developed a set of patterns for designing Ribbon interfaces for novice users to enhance self-learning. Furthermore, I conducted research on Speech Pronunciation Practice systems for children with speech disorder, and application of Expert Systems in sport. As the output of my researches, I published 7 complete books and 8 research papers as the first author.

As a tutor,I have teaching experience of different courses in universities and computer training institutes. Currently, I am teaching Human computer interaction, Software engineering, Database, Spreadsheet, & Web design courses in UNSW university.