Speech Pronunciation Practice System for Impaired Children: A Systematic Review of Impacts and functionalities
February 18, 2017
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February 18, 2017
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In the recent decades fitness sport became one of the most popular activities amongst people. People find exercising an activity that can help their health and prevent sicknesses. This activity is meaningless without having a good exercise plan and can even causes various injuries. For many people especially those who want to use their residential gym having an appropriate exercise plan seems difficult. This study hypothesized that expert systems can be used to create fitness plans instead of human experts. In order to proof the hypotheses, researchers applied expert systems and PHP programming to create a system which assists people to have their own exercise plan. The proposed system can generate exercise plan based on the individual’s diseases and physical characteristics. Furthermore, it is able to show the current method of activities. Since this system is web-based, it can be used in different places without depending on an especial device or operating system. In order to test the accuracy of the system, a generated exercise plan of the system was compared with four plans written by four professional trainers. The results showed that there is 70 to 80 percent of similarity between system output and trainers proposed plans. Since significant similarity exists between system output and trainers plans, the hypotheses of the study was proved.

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