4 things that I can collaborate with you on them

User Experience Design

Conducting user study and applying user interface design principles to increase the usability of your current or new software / website.


Applying game mechanics to increase the number of users’ and their engagement with your software/website.


Conducting research projects related to Human Computer Interaction including designing user interface for specific group of users, application of gamification in increasing users’ motivation, designing e-learning systems, and application of cognitive load theory in training software.


Teaching different courses related to software design including Human Computer Interaction, User Experience, Interface Design, Gamification, Website Front-End Development.


Read easy steps to learn difficult concepts


All these reference books are written with the combining of the most successful book writing methods such as Step by Step, and Visual Books. I named this new writing method Read Easy Steps Learn Difficult Concepts, as it teaches software concepts with the use of step by step images and simple texts. Therefore, novice users can learn difficult software features with minimum effort. For working with the specific software tool readers do not need to read lots of text, they just need to find the tool name from the book index and follow the steps.